Abis Circuits Co.,ltd is a professional PCB manufacturer in China, Shenzhen. With 15 years+ development, we could make the PCB from 1L to 20L, with monthly production capability 50,000 square meters. Abis Circuits is providing high quality bare PCB and PCB assembly service, including components sourcing, function test, conformal coating and complete assembly for clients all over the world, Our main market is Europe, north USA, Australia, South America, and Asia.

Millions of circuit boards are produced here every year, which provides superior service for automotive electronics, medical electronics, power communications, industrial automation, intelligent home and other industries around the world. We will continue to improve our quality and service; customer satisfaction and development of science and technology are our eternal motivation.

We have imported the advanced machinery from US, Japan, Germany to improve our production and technical ability. We have set a great example the PCB field of flying probe testing, buried and blind via and special controlled impedance. We have a highly developed R&D division which has helped our factory successfully produce mechanical micro via,high density impedance and HDI.

         50,000m2                       150+                         15+              
      100% Testing   
   Factory Area     
        Countries Covered                  Years Founded       
          Quality Control      

         1100                     7*24hours      
            Online Service                        PCB Prototype                        Technical Support         

         99%                           0.21%          
       On-time Delivery             Quality Compliant           Country Covered           Order Service Support

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