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  • How to know pcb layer?
    • May 25. 2022

    How is the circuit board of the PCB factory made? The small circuit material that can be seen on the surface is copper foil. Originally, the copper foil was covered on the entire PCB, but part of it was etched away during the manufacturing process, and the remaining part became a mesh-like small circuit. .   These lines are called wires or traces and are used to provide electrical connections...

  • Several Basic Factors Affecting Electroplating Hole Filling Process in PCB Production
    • May 16. 2022

    The output value of the global electroplating PCB industry has grown rapidly in the total output value of the electronic component industry. It is the industry with the largest proportion in the electronic component subdivision industry and occupies a unique position. The annual output value of electroplating PCB is 60 billion US dollars. The volume of electronic products is becoming more and more...

  • PTH of Printed Circuit Board
    • May 10. 2022

    The base material of the circuit board of the electro-acoustic PCB factory only has copper foil on both sides, and the middle is the insulating layer, so they do not need to be conductive between the Double sides or multi-layer circuits of the circuit board? How can the lines on both sides be connected together so that the current flows smoothly? Below, please see the electroacoustic PCB manufactu...

  • High-precision circuit board technology
    • May 05. 2022

    High precision circuit board refers to the use of fine line width/spacing, tiny holes, narrow ring width (or no ring width), and buried and blind holes to achieve high density. And high precision means that the result of "thin, small, narrow, thin" will inevitably bring high precision requirements, take the line width as an example: O. 20mm line width, according to the regulations to produce O. 16...

  • Black PCBs are Better than Green?
    • April 22. 2022

    First of all, as a printed circuit board, PCB mainly provides interconnection between electronic components. There is no direct relationship between color and performance, and the difference in pigments does not affect the electrical properties.  The performance of the PCB board is determined by factors such as the material used (high Q value), wiring design, and several layers of t...

  • How to figure out a good PCB board?
    • March 23. 2022

    The rapid development of the mobile phone, electronics, and communication industries promoted the continuous growth and rapid growth of the PCB circuit board industry. People have more requirements for the number of layers, weight, precision, materials, colors, and reliability of components. However, due to fierce market price competition, the cost of PCB board materials is also on a rising t...

  • Introduction to plasma processing on PCB boards
    • March 02. 2022

    With the advent of the digital information age, the requirements of high-frequency communication, high-speed transmission, and high-confidentiality of communications are becoming higher and higher. As an indispensable supporting product for the electronic information technology industry, PCB requires the substrate to meet the performance of low dielectric constant, low media loss factor, high-temp...

  • Shelf life of PCB? Baking time and temperature?
    • December 22. 2021

    The storage time of PCB, and the temperature and time of using industrial oven to bake PCB are all regulated by the industry. What is the shelf life of PCB? And how to determine the baking time and temperature? 1. The specification of PCB control 1. PCB unpacking and storage (1) The PCB board can be directly used online within 2 months of the manufacturing date of the sealed and unopened PCB board...

  • Printed Circuit Board| Via VS Pad
    • December 15. 2021

    Vias in the circuit board are called vias, which are divided into through holes, blind holes and buried holes(HDI Circuit Board). They are mainly used to connect wires on different layers of the same network and are generally not used as soldering components; The pads in the circuit board are called pads, which are divided into pin pads and surface mount pads; pin pads have solder holes, which are...

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