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  • Surface finish of PCB board and its advantages and disadvantages
    • December 01. 2022

    With the continuous development of electronic science and technology, PCB technology has also undergone great changes, and the manufacturing process also needs to progress. At the same time each industry on the PCB board process requirements have gradually improved, such as cell phones and computers in the circuit board, the use of gold, but also the use of copper, resulting in the advantages and ...

  • Material and Stack up for Flex PCB
    • November 03. 2022

    1,铜箔基材CCL (FPC Copper Clad Laminate) It is composed of three layers of copper foil + glue + substrate. In addition, there are also non-adhesive substrates, that is, a combination of two layers of copper foil + substrate, which is relatively expensive and suitable for For products that require more than 10W times of bending life. 1.1 Copper foil In terms of materials, it is divided into rolled copp...

  • How to avoid printed circuit board warping?
    • October 25. 2022

    How to avoid printed circuit board warping 1. Reduce the effect of temperature on board stress Since [temperature] is the main source of board stress, as long as the temperature of the reflow oven is lowered or the speed of the board heating and cooling in the reflow oven is slowed down, the warpage of the PCB can be greatly reduced. However, other side effects may occur, such as solder shorts. 2....

  • 10 characteristics of high reliability PCB
    • September 28. 2022

    10 characteristics of high reliability PCB, 1. 20μm hole wall copper thickness of Printed circuit board,  Benefits: Enhanced reliability, including improved z-axis expansion resistance. Risks of not doing so: blow holes or outgassing, electrical connectivity issues during assembly (separation of inner layers, breakage of hole walls), or possible failure under load conditions in actual use. 2....

  • COB
    • August 15. 2022

    Since COB does not have a lead frame of IC package, but is replaced by PCB, the design of PCB pads is very important, and Finish can only use electroplated gold or ENIG, otherwise gold wire or aluminum wire, or even The latest copper wires will have problems that cannot be hit. PCB Design Requirements for COB 1. The finished surface treatment of the PCB board must be gold electroplating or ENIG, a...

  • Printed circuit board material: CEM-1, CEM-1 Halogen-Free PCB
    • July 28. 2022

    Printed circuit board material: CEM-1, CEM-1 Halogen-Free PCB It is made of glass fiber cloth and bleached wood pulp paper as reinforcing materials, respectively impregnated with resin to make fabric and core material, and covered with copper foil, which is made by high temperature and hot pressing. It is one of the representative products of composite substrates, abbreviated as CEM. -1. The perfo...

  • Prepreg Thickness and Stack up for Multilayer PCB Board
    • July 22. 2022

    PP Thickness (Brand Nanya) PP Types Glue content Thickness(Before Glue) PP Types Glue content Thickness(Before Glue) PP Types Glue content Thickness(Before Glue) 1080 RC62% 2.97mil 2116 RC50% 4.73mil 7628 RC43% 7.73 mil 1080MR RC65% 3.28mil 2116MR RC54% 5.15 mil 7628MR RC47% 8.51 mil 1080HR RC68% 3.65mil 2116HR RC58% 5.77 mil 7628HR RC50% 9.18 mil Stack Up 4 layer Printed Circuits Board Stack...

  • Copper Cladding of PCB
    • July 13. 2022

    In copper cladding, in order to achieve the desired effect of copper cladding, we need to pay attention to those issues: 1. If there are many grounds on the PCB, such as SGND, AGND, GND, etc., according to the different positions of the PCB surface, the most important "ground" is used as the reference to independently cover copper, digital ground and analog ground. There is not much to say about t...

  • ABIS PRODUCT| PCB, PCBA, Component Sourcing
    • July 07. 2022

    ABIS Circuits Co., Ltd established in 2006, Located in Shenzhen, our company has about 1100 workers and two PCB workshops with about 50000 square meters. You can check the full product range of ABIS company here APPLICATION FIELDS Our products are mostly used in the field of Industrial Control, Telecommunication, Automotive products, Medical, Consumer, Security, and others. Rigid Printed Circ...

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