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Guangdong goes all-out to guarantee power supply

  • November 05, 2021

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Guangdong has made all-out efforts to cope with the recent power supply shortage caused by high temperatures and growing electricity consumption of secondary and tertiary industries.

In Guangdong, when the temperature is between 31 to 37 degrees Celsius, the electrical load grows by two to three million kilowatts for each increasing degree Celsius of temperature. Since early September, under the influence of a subtropical high and two typhoons, the province has been seized by hot and dry weather that brought a surge in power consumption. As of Thursday, the highest electric load of Guangdong reached 141 million kilowatts, rising 11 percent more than last year.

Meanwhile, the electricity demand has also increased rapidly this year, especially from secondary and tertiary industries that are currently in a peak season of orders. From January to August, the electricity consumption in Guangdong was 525.273 billion kilowatt-hours, up by 17.33 percent year-on-year, while that of secondary and tertiary industries has risen respectively by 18.30 percent and 23.13 percent. However, tight primary energy supplies, rising fuel prices, possible intermittent failures in peak-hour power generation facilities and other factors have affected the power suppliers’ generation capacities that resulted in power supply shortages.

Thus far, many cities in Guangdong have initiated emergency plans to cope with the tight power supply. Industrial enterprises are required to operate only during off-peak hours for four or five days a week, which has impacted their normal operation.

To solve the problem, Guangdong has made effort to guarantee sufficient thermal coal and natural gas supplies to meet power generation needs and urged power plants to store sufficient fuels and other materials needed for power generation and to ensure the stable operation of peak-hour generating sets. It has also advanced the construction of key power supply projects to ensure that the projects are put into operation as scheduled.

Also, it has organized power generation and power grid enterprises to carry out tighter checks and maintenance on key devices and circuits to ensure safe and stable operation of the facilities.

Also, it will coordinate the transmission of electricity from western China to Guangdong.

Power grid enterprises are also required to improve electrical load prediction in accordance with weather reports.

Government departments are required to work with enterprises to implement power-using plans and guide the enterprises to adjust production plans so as to guarantee power supplies for residents, the agricultural sector, key public institutions and public services.

Industrial enterprises are required to follow local plans in response to electricity supply shortages. Local governments should establish special work teams with power supplying enterprises to inspect the industrial enterprises and coordinate services.

The tertiary industrial users are required to reduce electricity consumption at peak hours. Citizens are also encouraged to reduce power consumption.

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